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Meet The Doctor

Ara Cherik, D.C.

Dr. Cherik founded California Spinecare Institute through his vision of providing patients with comprehensive holistic treatment programs aimed at resolving musculoskeletal issues. Dr. Cherik's focus includes musculoskeletal injuries, sports medicine, injury prevention, and rehabilitation. Our team of staff and assistants strive to provide care to patients of all ages, administering treatments for a myriad of conditions.

"Every individual should take an active role in the maintenance of their health, physical fitness, and prevention of disease, all with the guidance of a healthcare professional. The more we take it upon ourselves to learn about injury prevention, functional movements, exercise, and nutrition, the better prepared we will be to take that active role.

I invite you to visit our practice, and allow us to help you reach your highest potential, while maintaining a positive state of mind."

Ara Cherik, D.C.